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Alcohol Is A Drug, Too

What Happens to Kids When We're Afraid to Say No


David J. Wilmes




Book Details:

  • Publisher: Hazelden
  • ISBN:
  • Publication date:
  • Pages: 80


Alcohol Is a Drug, Too examines these myths:

-Alcohol isn't really a drug - at least it's not as bad as crack/cocaine, LSD, marijuana, etc.
-Kids can't become addicted if they stick to beer and wine coolers.
-Alcohol use by teenagers isn't a problem if they just promise not to drink and drive.
-Kids who are allowed to drink at home won't drink when they're away.
-Adults can't do anything about peer pressure.

Through research data and engaging vignettes, the author presents a wide scope of information about underage alcohol use and parental permissiveness. He then offers strategic solutions parents, schools and communities can embrace and act upon to address underage drinking and its dangerous consequences.