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Physiological and Physiopathological Effects


Alfonso Paredes, David A. Gorelick




Book Details:

  • Publisher: Haworth
  • ISBN:
  • Publication date: 0000-00-00
  • Pages: 130


Here is a valuable review of the current state of knowledge of medical and scientific effects associated with cocaine abuse. Cocaine: Physiological and Physiopathological Effects helps professionals identify and understand the health risks associated with cocaine use and their significance from both individual and public health perspectives. For ease of reference, chapters are organized by specific organ systems. Each chapter provides readers with an up-to-date review of clinical and research data relevant to the effects of cocaine on that organ system. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, and other health-related professionals can cope more effectively with patients’cocaine-related medical problems using the information in this helpful book.

The book includes discussions of the:
metabolic and neuroendocrine functions of the lungs as they influence the physiological effects of cocaine
effect of smoking cocaine on respiratory function of the lung
effects of cocaine on the cardiovascular system
effects of cocaine on the brain, and neurological problems associated with cocaine use

An overview of the pathophysiology of cocaine with emphasis on pertinent scientific issues and suggestions for further research concludes the book. As a whole, Cocaine: Physiological and Physiopathological Effects is useful to all health professionals who see patients who use cocaine. Specific chapters are of interest to more specialized professionals--for example, pulmonologists and respiratory therapists will be especially interested in the chapter on the respiratory effects of cocaine, while cardiologists will be interested in the chapter on cocaine’s cardiovascular effects.