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Dangerous Drugs Second Edition

An Easy-to-Use Reference for Parents and Professionals


Carol Falkowski




Book Details:

  • Publisher: Hazenden
  • ISBN:
  • Publication date: 0000-00-00
  • Pages: 320


In a world where the drug abuse scene is more confusing and dangerous than ever, the 2nd edition of Dangerous Drugs: An Easy to Use Reference for Parents and Professionals is the answer. Now with color photos of drugs and paraphernalia, Dangerous Drugs is a concise, comprehensive, clear, and handy reference that answers your questions at a glance, with:
- Up-to-date information on drugs of abuse
- Demographics of users.
- Explanations of how a drug is used; where it's found and how it affects the mind and body
- The names and forms under which drugs are sold
- Their addictive, lethal, and overdose potential
- Signs of drug abuse and where/how to seek help, and more.

Written in clear language, Dangerous Drugs provides straightforward, authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-the-minute information. It covers the full range of drugs of abuse, whether illegal (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, etc.) or legal (alcohol, prescription, tobacco, or Internet-marketed, herbal remedies). Dangerous Drugs is written for professionals and non-professionals alike, and is a book that no one concerned about drug use can afford to be without.