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Problem Child or Quirky Kid?:

A Commonsense Guide for Parents


Rita Sommers-Flanagan




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  • Publication date: 0000-00-00
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Many parents Wonder, "Is my child normal?" They may be concerned about their child's behaviors, attitudes, feelings, or general development. They may worry if their child doesn't seem to be fitting in socially, isn't happy, isn't getting along with others, or seems overly anxious and fearful. This book gives parents the advice, reassurance, and practical knowledge they need to help their child and themselves. Drawing on their years as counselors and teachers, the authors consider what's "normal" and what might not be "normal." They cover common childhood problems and suggest remedies for parents to try at home. After describing behaviors that might be more rare and serious, they explain the world of mental health professionals, then offer ideas for getting oneself and one's child ready to take advantage of professional help. The message throughout is clear: What's best is when our children are neither normal or abnormal, but simply able to live well.